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The name 'Salem' appears to have been derived from Sela or Shalya by which the term refers to the country around the hills, as in the inscriptions. Local tradition claims Salem as the birth place of Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. The town is surrounded by an amphitheatre of hills, the Nagarmalai in the north, the Jeragamalai in the south, the Kanjanamalai on the west and Godumalai on the east. The Thirumanimuthar in the main division divides it.

Salem is the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu. Gorgeous silks and gossamer cottons from the handlooms of Salem are well known to the ladies, The High Court dhotties are to assuage the men folk. Recently our weavers have entered the Textiles Export Market in a highway and the Government of India has selected Salem City to be notified as a Textile Export Zone
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